Michigan State University
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Geoff Johns

Writer/Producer: Wonder Woman, The Flash, Suicide Squad, Justice League); CEO of Mad Ghost Productions; Former Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment​

“MSU is one of the most inspiring places to learn, live and grow. Everyone tells you that in order to succeed in the entertainment industry it’s half what you know and half who you know, something that MSU did for me. In addition to the amazing (and shockingly fun) academics, I’m incredibly lucky to have gotten to know so many good people during my experience, especially those who I moved to LA with! They’re still my colleagues and more importantly, friends. GO GREEN!”

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Karen Stefl

Owner and Producer at Render Studios

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Jacob Kornbluth

Director/Producer: Inequality for All, Love and Taxes, Years of Living Dangerously, Saving Capitalism

“When I was an undergraduate I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew it was about finding my story. It was important to me to learn what was unique about my perspective and how I could communicate it. What I learned at MSU inspired me to become an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to the Sundance Film Festival with 3 films. To date, I have made 5 theatrically released feature films, won one Emmy and am currently nominated for another, and have made over 120 short videos that have been viewed upwards of 500 million times since 2014 alone. Thanks MSU!”

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Curtis Matzke

Producer/Owner of Unfurnished Films

 “My experience at MSU definitely help put me on my career path as an independent filmmaker. The film program afforded me the flexibility I needed to find my voice and create my own work. I particularly benefited from the integration of technical training with creative analysis. An understanding of film theory and criticism is essential to the entire filmmaking process and enables us to adapt as the story materializes throughout pre-production, production, and post-production…”

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Hannah Meiklejohn

2nd Assistant Accountant, Paramount Pictures Productions - Jack Ryan series

“While at MSU, I was involved with projects both in and out of the classroom that encouraged me to collaborate and set goals. I had the opportunity to build a foundation with industry professionals and students who matched my curiosity and ambition. My own experience in Film and TV echos the importance of deadlines and teamwork.”

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Bill Mechanic

Producer: Hacksaw Ridge, Coraline, Dark Water; CEO of Pandemonium Films; Former Executive at Twentieth Century Fox

“Like many alums, I have always felt a debt and loyalty to MSU for getting me started in the world at large. You don’t know it when you are there, but MSU and the campus is a great place to grow up. I’m grateful.”

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Andy Hone


“MSU’s film program introduced me to people I’ll be working with for the rest of my life. It’s a close-knit and reliable network of talented and creative people pushing each other to the top, and I wouldn’t have had so many great opportunities without them.

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Tyler Oakley

YouTube Vlogger, Writer, Time Magazine’s 30 Most Influential People in Hollywood, and Forbes' 30 under 30

“Everything about my time at MSU I loved. So much of my work ethic I got from MSU, so much of what I studied goes into what I do every day. All these things I think shaped my passions. I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Other Luminaries

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Sam Raimi

Director/Producer: The Evil Dead, Spider-Man, Oz the Great and Powerful, Don’t Breathe

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Rober Tapert

Producer: Ash vs. Evil Dead, Xena: Warrior Princess TV series, Spartacus TV series, Don’t Breathe

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Bob Murawski

Academy Award winning editor of The Hurt Locker, Oz the Great and Wonderful, Ben Hur TV series, The Other Side of Wind, The Resident

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David Goyer

Writer/Producer: Batman Begins, Dark City, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Walter Hill

Producer/Writer: Last Man Standing, Southern Comfort, 48 Hours, Red Head, Tales from the Crypt, Deadwood, and the Alien franchise

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Jim Cash

Screenwriter: Top Gun, Dick Tracy, The Secret of My Success

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Patrick Cyccone

Sound Mixer: Buena Vista Social Club, The Space Between Us, Gilmore Girls TV series, The Librarians TV series

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Jack Epps Jr.

Screenwriter: Top Gun, Anaconda, Turner and Hooch, Dick Tracy

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James Caan

Actor: Brian’s Song, Rollerball, A Bridge Too Far, The Godfather, Misery, Elf

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Robert Urich

Actor: Magnum Force, Soap, Love Boat, GunsmokeCharlie’s Angels

Editor/Director/Writer: November, Groove, Naked Songs: The Life and Times of Rickie Lee Jones

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