Anya's Green Card

Students: Kyle Brow, Stuart Heinlein, Ayden Byrnes

Synopsis: A short comedy about a young woman desperate for a green card.


Students: Carlos Mario Mendoza, Justin Christian

Synopsis: In one night, a young man comes across the lives of others that are as complete and vivid as his own while surviving the struggles of the inner city.  


Students: Travis Vetier, Navaz Illava, Kevin Nguyen
Study Abroad Program Australia

Synopsis: In a mysterious forest, a man runs for his life only to be caught in a cycle of violence.

The House We Lived In

Students: Tyler Clifton, Ali Obermeyer, Jake Elliott, Preston Swarthout, Jason Wu, Paul Roh, Sienna Sertl

Synopsis: A young girl struggling to stay afloat after the passing of her father is caught between her mother’s deteriorating emotional state and the responsibility to protect her little brother from a strangely toxic household.

Rebel Rebel Ep 1: Culture Clash

Students: Bradley Coster, Tyler Clifton, Mallory Maxton, Jason Wu, Paul Roh, Broderick Steele

Synopsis: This pilot for a web series follows a lonely 80s nostalgia geek as he uses his night out as a means for music, escapism, and violence.


Students: Zoe Kissel, Dylan Kissel, Christian Kolo

Synopsis: A short science neo-noir science fiction film following a young addict’s growing withdrawal and the fatal decision she makes to get high once more.

All Over (Again)

Students: Ian Hall, Kelley Frake, Ayden Byrnes, Dylan Kissel

Synopsis: A hopeless romantic gets lost in her eccentric aspirations.

Almost Human

Students: Bradley Coster, Anthony Andrus, Kevin Browning, Matthew Corchado

Synopsis: A technophobe struggles to make a meaningful connection with two women dependent on their cell phones.

Additional Works

(Short Film)

Students: Andy Hones, Shelby Alayne Antel, Mallory Maxton

Please Hold
(Short Film)

Students: Andy Hones

(Short Film)

Students: Andy Hones, Bradley Coster, Mallory Maxton