Film and Television Production

Since 1958, MSU’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences has been educating students in the classroom and on the set. Every student who graduates in our program collaborates with fellow classmates in a variety of roles on fiction films, animations, live events, documentaries, multiple camera studio productions, podcasts and more giving them both creative experiences and technical skills they can apply when they enter the media industry.

Students also have the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines in Game Design and Development, Journalism, Music and Advertising – all areas that depend on visually creative storytelling.

For a robust experience and a broader education in film and television, we suggest supplementing a B.A. degree by applying to the documentary lab, the fiction film minor, or the films studies minor.

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Focus Areas ? Areas of Study?

In addition to degree requirements  students can explore their passions in a number of focus areas and special topics by tailoring their curriculum with targeted offerings such as advanced cinematography, advanced film editing, multicam production for live events, advanced sound design, directing and more. STILL WRITING   – NEED TO DISCUSS THIS…and get more content about program.  DO WE WANT TO BE MORE SPECIFIC WITH ‘TRACKS’???? 

State of the Art Facilities

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences state of the art facilities include two VR studios, two motion capture studios, 3 multi camera  studios – IDK HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THIS………MSU TV and/or Big Ten Networks……..IDK   ????

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WKAR Public Media

WKAR, a PBS affiliate television, radio and interactive media station is an integral part of our college.  Housed in the same building, WKAR provides students with an opportunity to work and learn in a professional broadcast environment.  Through screenings, advanced courses and internships, students have access to real-world television studios, edit bays, sound stages, and recording booths.  ANYTHING ELSE? DO THEY GET TO WORK ON SHOWS? NEWS? or produce content ETC……

One more thing that I haven't thought of yet......Internships???

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Advising Information

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LaDonna Croffe, Lead Advisor

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Julie Hagopian, Advisor 517.355.1794